The Challenge of the Cross: Praying the Stations by ALFRED MCBRIDE O. PRAEM

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The Challenge of the Cross: Praying the Stations

The Challenge of the Cross: Praying the Stations ALFRED MCBRIDE O. PRAEM

Published November 30th 2011


Kindle Edition

39 pages

When we pray the Stations of the Cross, one of the church's most familiar and beloved devotions, we witness Jesus' immense suffering and become much closer to him in his Passion.The Challenge of the Cross follows the traditional fourteen stations and includes the fifteenth station on the Resurrection. Each station includes an opening prayer followed by a scriptural reflection that provides a prayerful application to our own lives. Following each reflection is a prayer, a Scripture passage to ponder, and a closing prayer.

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    The Challenge of the Cross: Praying the Stations by ALFRED MCBRIDE O. PRAEM Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 8th Edition.


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