Early Fur Traders and Explorers of North Dakota (1920) by Zena Irma Trinka

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Early Fur Traders and Explorers of North Dakota (1920)

Early Fur Traders and Explorers of North Dakota (1920) Zena Irma Trinka

Published December 20th 2015


Kindle Edition

24 pages

Zena Irma Trinka was born in 1893 and moved to North Dakota where she became a well-known author of books on North Dakota. Miss Trinka's book is interesting and valuable in its sphere. It is a sympathetic history of the early days of North Dakota, a thrilling interesting story of the state from the days of the early explorers to the entrance of fur traders. The book, while it is a fascinating story, rests its chief claim to recognition on its merits as an authentic history of the state. The author states that she has gone to original sources for her material supplementing such records as the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the historical society's records, and the state records, with interviews with scores of the best known pioneers. T Few states are richer in historical interest than North Dakota. North Dakota has always been what might be called a "dynamic state." Some of the older states lead a static existence but North Dakota's history is crowded with romance, adventure, warfare, and political and economic experiments. We have been the nation's frontier; we are now the nation's social and industrial laboratory. Surely our history, both current and more remote, is filled with material of interest to the nation at large. Yet comparatively little has been written about it. Contents: 1. EARLY EXPLORATION 2. EXPEDITIONS OF DAVID THOMPSON 3. ALEXANDER HENRY, JR. 4. LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION 5. ASTOR OR HUNT EXPEDITION 6. MAJOR STEPHEN LONG'S EXPEDITION 7. THE FUR TRADE 8. THE NORTHWEST FUR COMPANY 9. HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY 10. THE AMERICAN FUR COMPANY 11. THE CHOUTEAU BROTHERS 12. JOE ROLETTE This book originally published in 1920 has been reformatted for the Kindle and may contain an occasional imperfection; original spellings have been kept in place.

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Early Fur Traders and Explorers of North Dakota (1920) by Zena Irma Trinka In the Middle East, in particular, sacred trees are regarded as the .

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Teacher Textbook: Bon voyage!, 2002, Columbus, Ohio: GlencoeMcGraw-Hill . Early Fur Traders and Explorers of North Dakota (1920)

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