Of Course I Love You! by Zev Lewinson, Nailon Robert

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Of Course I Love You!

Of Course I Love You! Zev Lewinson, Nailon Robert

Published May 15th 2015

ISBN : 9780979965364


30 pages

The age-old question, "How much do you love me?" has been asked through the ages by millions of children of their parents. In his stunning new creation, Of Course I Love You!, Lewinson has enveloped all the emotions of past centuries in a magical book. The tale starts off simply with little Adam asking his father to express the amount of love he feels for him. The book then truly takes off when it transports the reader on a roller-coaster ride of rich, wholesome prose that will both entertain and delight. Children will be enraptured by the gorgeous illustrations, which exude as much warmth as they do wit. In an age when "I love you" books are quite commonplace, Lewinson has shown his unparalleled talent in creating a unique book that will express love for years to come. A wonderful gift to convey love to a child, friend, or even a spouse, Of Course I Love You! truly highlights one of humanity's prime goals: to love and be loved for love's sake alone.

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Zev Lewinson, Nailon Robert

  • Zev Lewinson, Nailon Robert

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  • Of Course I Love You!

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    Of Course I Love You! Recently, public speaking has become a big part of my life.

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