Desi Gets Bundled: The Complete Series (The Conquest Files) by Phoebe Groves

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Desi Gets Bundled: The Complete Series (The Conquest Files)

Desi Gets Bundled: The Complete Series (The Conquest Files) Phoebe Groves

Published May 12th 2014


Kindle Edition

112 pages

The Conquest Files: Desi Get Bundled contains the complete series. ***This collection of short stories contains adult material and is not suitable for minors*** 1. Desi Gets Schooled: Desi Monroe has a brilliant idea for a research project for her Sexual Anthropology class: collect data on all of her sexual partners. There's only one small problem. Desi is still a virgin. So when her professor -- Dr. Philips, noted expert on human sexuality -- offers up her husband to teach Desi the ways of love making, does she do it or run screaming in the opposite direction? 2. Desi Gets Frisked: Desi Monroe sets her sights on the stacked police officer, Sgt. Liam Taylor, as the next test subject for her research project. Liam is friendly and flirtatious with muscles on top of muscles and is not afraid to get a little freaky in the sack. There's just one small problem. Well, the problem is it's not small. It's huge. 3. Desi Gets Rear-ended: As Desi gains more sexual experience and gathers more data for her research project, she grows more curious and hungry for new experiences. So when she meets Alex at a dinner party, she dives right in to her next escapade. Who cares if someone is watching! But, Alex's appetites are greater than hers. Will Desi open up her backdoor and let Alex in? 4. Desi Gets Carried Away: One chance meeting sets Desi's world upside down. Now, instead of thinking about her research project, she's thinking about Cary. Until Adam -- a guy from her past -- shows up. Desi always suspected Adam wanted to bed her from day one. Does Desi do Adam? If she does, where does that leave Cary? 5. Desi Finds Love: Desi finishes her research project -- although the outcome is not at all what she expected. Too many men to do; too little time to do them. And she can only remain detached for so long before the heart takes over. She has fallen in love. But, does he love her in return? At the end of the semester, Desi has a big decision to make: confess her love or just let him go forever.

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Desi Gets Bundled: The Complete Series (The Conquest Files) 3 avg rating - 6 ratings - published 2001 - 3 editions.

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Phoebe Groves

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Desi Gets Bundled: The Complete Series (The Conquest Files) Life and Times of Napoleon; The Napoleonic Wars; Main Battles; Napoleon s Contribution to the World; The What Ifs of History  Did living standards improve during the Industrial Revolution. University Press (HBI Series on Jewish Women) 153(2004). ) wctBav 5 rCvodte- [The Ode alluded to is the famous gxinrttt uat xwos Iros tksto-i, x. Title: Italy 2004 (Gold Guides) Item Condition: used item in a very good condition.

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