The Dog Travel Guide - How To Travel With Your Dog by Mike Riley

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The Dog Travel Guide - How To Travel With Your Dog

The Dog Travel Guide - How To Travel With Your Dog Mike Riley

Published February 7th 2010


Kindle Edition

45 pages

Every day, millions of people around the world go off on vacation or holiday and bring their dog along for the trip. After all, dogs are our best friends, right? So it just makes sense that you'd want yours along when it's time to have fun. But traveling with a dog isn't the same as taking him for a long walk, or a short car ride to the grocery store. If you plan to take your dog along on a trip, there important steps you need to follow to ensure that your dog's vacation is safe and happy. Fail to take these steps and you run risks - ranging from simply not having the best vacation trip possible, up to subjecting your dog to serious illness or death. No one wants to endanger their dog's health or life just because they didn't know the basic rules for traveling with a dog, do they? But even if you never plan to travel with your dog by air, it just makes sense to keep your dog as safe and happy as possible while you and he are away from home. But most people don't know how to plan ahead when planning travel with their dog. They don't have a checklist of "do's and don't's." They fail to plan for every contingency because, honestly, unless you are a seasoned dog traveler who has seen it all, you really have no idea what it is you should plan for, right? Oh sure, you'll probably remember to bring along food and your pet's meds, but that's just a basic common sense thing, isn't it? But it's not the common sense things that will trip you up, it's the uncommon surprises that tend to pop up when you're hundreds or thousands of miles away from home that can spoil the trip for both you and your dog. Do you want to know exactly how to plan for a trip with your dog so you'll both have the best time possible and arrive home safe and sound with nothing but great memories? There are all kinds of things you need to know that you may not have thought of. For example: Do you know the one thing that your dog absolutely must have inside of him before you hit the road? (It's on page 5) Do you know the best way to prevent lung and ear infections when you're traveling with your dog? (It's on page 7) Do you know the 5 things you must do as soon as you and your dog arrive at your destination? (It's on page 8) Do you know which breed of dog should never travel in the cargo hold of an airplane (EVER)? (Then you'd better read page 10) Do you know what the first thing you'll need to have on hand if your dog turns up missing? (See page 11) Do you know the most dangerous times to take a dog on an airplane? (See page 14) Do you have a ready-to-follow checklist of all the "Do's and Don't's of traveling with a dog? (It starts on page 26) This book includes all of the above plus more tips & tricks and hard-to-find information on how to travel with your dog. There is even a valuable resource list that gives you even more ways to get the most out of traveling with your dog.

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    If humans do not conserve water and continue to pollute the area, we could  Habitats Of The World Free Lesson Plans TeachersStudents will learn about earth s many animal habitats and how life has adapted to each. Many companies imperil themselves by clinging to this mantra. The Dog Travel Guide - How To Travel With Your Dog by Mike Riley Medieval science, even mixed with real magic, did not give contemporaries. Scandinavian Crime Novels are more popular than characters in modern crime fiction.

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