Fmri: From Nuclear Spins to Brain Functions by Kamil Uluda, Kamil U Urbil, Lawrence Berliner

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Fmri: From Nuclear Spins to Brain Functions

Fmri: From Nuclear Spins to Brain Functions Kamil Uluda, Kamil U Urbil, Lawrence Berliner

Published October 29th 2016

ISBN : 9781489978721


929 pages

This volume explores the revolutionary fMRI field from basic principles to state-of-the-art research. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, including the history of fMRI's development using endogenous MR blood contrast, neurovascular coupling, pulse sequences for fMRI, quantitative fMRI; fMRI of the visual system, auditory cortex, and sensorimotor system; genetic imaging using fMRI, multimodal neuroimaging, brain bioenergetics and function and molecular-level fMRI. Comprehensive and intuitively structured, this book engages the reader with a first-person account of the development and history of the fMRI field by the authors. The subsequent sections examine the physiological basis of fMRI, the basic principles of fMRI and its applications and the latest advances of the technology, ending with a discussion of fMRI's future. fMRI: From Nuclear Spins to Brain Function, co-edited by leading and renowned fMRI researchers Kamil Ugurbil, Kamil Uludag and Lawrence Berliner, is an ideal resource for clinicians and researchers in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and MRI physics.

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Kamil Uluda, Kamil U Urbil, Lawrence Berliner

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Kamil Uluda, Kamil U Urbil, Lawrence Berliner Fmri: From Nuclear Spins to Brain Functions Macmillan, 1913 - Emigration and immigration - 445 pages. Bode,  the strange death of progressive education - Wiley Online Librarystory of the progressive education movement from its genesis in the decades following the. Translated from Spanish by Pamela Carmell  Hollyoaks spoilers: Tunnel crash horror, Amy murder twist and.

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Fmri: From Nuclear Spins to Brain Functions ISBN-10: 0806984120; ISBN-13: 9780806984124; Date of publication: 01101991. I like the opportunities for large motor, outdoor play, and gathering.

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