Hetty by Christina Lawrence

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Hetty Christina Lawrence

Published December 16th 2016


Kindle Edition

487 pages

Hetty by Christina Lawrence A Romance Synopsis Hetty born Henrietta Cooper in 1891 looked back over her life. Being a country girl on an Estate it seemed her life was predetermined. That was until fate took a hand. Hetty was one of a large family with a great sense of responsibility. On losing her mother at fourteen she was placed into service to help make ends meet. This was to the the detriment of her innocence. Her struggle to support her family became an even greater hardship on the death of her grandmother. Cuthbert Cauldwell, a well respected Solicitor stepped into her life. It appeared he was to be Hetty’s savior. He gave Hetty the means to give her sisters the best – namely a first class education. Her brother Albert received promotion but, at what cost to Hetty? She lost herself respect, liberty and the love of her family. Hetty endures years of humiliation and deprivation. Later she is forced into a marriage and made to give up the one person who loved her, Martin Fennell. To Hetty life could not have been worse, married to a loathsome dictator with a vindictive mother. A story of intrigue, lust, murder and blackmail but, ultimately love and romance.

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