Emergency Care: A Textbook for Paramedics by Ian Greaves, Keith Porter, Timothy J. Hodgetts

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Emergency Care: A Textbook for Paramedics

Emergency Care: A Textbook for Paramedics Ian Greaves, Keith Porter, Timothy J. Hodgetts

Published February 10th 2006

ISBN : 9780702025860


660 pages

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It is a unique, comprehensive text for paramedics in the UK covers all areas of knowledge that paramedics are expected to be familiar with and the wide range of situations they will face. Each chapter is written by an expert practicing in the field. The book is designed to be as accessible as possible with important points highlighted in tinted panels, lists, tables, flow charts and mnemonics. It is highly illustrated to aid comprehension.the comprehensive coverage of UK paramedic practice makes this the only book with all the core information that UK paramedics need to knowthe highly structured presentation (lists, tables, important points highlighted in tinted panels, flow charts, mnemonics) assists learning and revisionover 350 high-quality line diagrams and photographs clearly illustrate complex procedures, relevant anatomy and give examples of equipmentthe text will be fully updated in line with changes to training for paramedics, paramedic protocols, technological developments etcthe design and layout will be improved to make the text easier to use

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Ian Greaves, Keith Porter, Timothy J. Hodgetts

  • Ian Greaves, Keith Porter, Timothy J. Hodgetts

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  • Ian Greaves, Keith Porter, Timothy J. Hodgetts

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