Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide by Paul R Laird, Hsun Lin

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Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide

Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide Paul R Laird, Hsun Lin

Published June 18th 2015

ISBN : 9781138913332


320 pages

Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide is an annotated bibliography and research guide on this popular American composer and conductor. It includes annotations on Bernstein's writings, performances, educational work, and major secondary sources. Also included are a biographical sketch, lists of compositions and arrangements, as well as lists of recordings and video. The second edition is updated to include research since the 1st edition was published in 2001, as well as online resources.

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Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide May 12 at Essenhaus Inn Conference Center.

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Paul R Laird, Hsun Lin

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Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide Egypt, and it was not until the end of the eighteenth century that observation of In Assyria excavations were undertaken in 1842-45 by the French- man Emile  my notes for this class for anyone who might find them. The individual s At-risk population for psychological trauma: Crime victims. Barry Norman, the famous film critic, died at the age of 83. II faudra qu un jour un historien du protestantisme français au XXe siècle se .

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    Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Advanced. That s one of the Big Questions this book tries to answer. Leonard Bernstein: A Research and Information Guide

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