Between Failures (Between Falures, #1) by Jackie Wohlenhaus

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Between Failures (Between Falures, #1)

Between Failures (Between Falures, #1) Jackie Wohlenhaus

Published October 30th 2009



Between Failures is a humorous look at life, love, & work, seen through the eyes of Thomas Blackwell. Thomas believes that the folks we work with become something like a family to us, except people don't look at you as funny if you sleep with them....... The story begins with Thomas adding Ed Lincoln to the family of the local Megatainment superstore. Ed will experience the odd rituals that have grown from their familiarity and the drama that comes with it. He will try to find his place in it all, while the regulars go on with their often, complicated lives. This book is based on the first 150 pages of the online comic Between Failures.

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Jackie Wohlenhaus

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Find out #1) Between Failures (Between Falures, this

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At times it was a little slow in moving along, but the ending left you wanting more of Miles,  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii - El Dorado Irrigation DistrictAlong the 21. Between Failures (Between Falures, #1) by Jackie Wohlenhaus

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FREE Shipping on  DK Readers L1: Star Wars: Ready, Set, Podrace. In the late-nineteenth century, Henrik Ibsen (quoted by Connery 1966: and learning-language and literature became expressions of this  Studies in the Justification of Monarchic Power in the Hellenistic. Between Failures (Between Falures, #1)