A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages by Jay Patrick Green Sr., Maurice Robinson

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A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages

A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages Jay Patrick Green Sr., Maurice Robinson

Published January 25th 2007

ISBN : 9781589603080


Now for the first time the Bible students will have a lexicon/dictionary with every one of the original 8,674 Hebrew words, and also every one of the 5,624 Greek words of the Scriptures included in it.. For ninety-five out of the hundred times the Bible student, preacher, Bible class teacher, or the host of God's saints who study to show themselves workmen unashamed (2 Tim. 2:15), this quick reference, easy-to-use lexicon is a jewel. You will literally wear it out, using it weekly, if not daily. The words are alphabetical in order. This is important with the Hebrew words in particular. For the most used Hebrew lexicon is the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-Aramaic Lexicon. And one must know the root word to look up Hebrew entries in that lexicon, or else they must have a multi-paged index to it. This brief lexicon can even be used instead of the Brown-Driver Briggs Lexicon in most cases when anyone desires a quick reference to the grammatical construction and the meaning of a word. For the fact is, this lexicon is an abbreviated edition of the Brown-Driver Briggs Lexicon, most of the information coming from that great work. Yet this little lexicon contains more information than can be found in B-D-B. Proper names appear in alphabetical order, often with their meanings. Derivation of words is given. More grammatical information is given than is in the larger lexicon. The Greek section also provides coding to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, and it gives page references to Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon, Arndt-Gingrich Greek-English Lexicon, and, Kittel's Theological Dictionary. The reader will learn to appreciate these quick and easy references by use of the Arabic numbers in numerical order, coupled with the original language. This handy, quick study tool will revolutionize study of the Bible, saving a multitude of hours of study, yet providing comprehensive information not available in any other existing volume. The savings in time alone is enough to recommend this handy little lexicon. The fact that it contains both the Hebrew-Aramaic words and the Greek words in a single easy-to-access volume is a time-saver not to be found in any other book (it appears that no previous book has contained both the 8,674 Hebrew words and the 5,624 Greek words, with their meanings, and other items of information, which the student of either language can use with ease.) Maurice A. Robinson (PhD) is Associate Professor of Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, South Carolina. Jay P. Green, Sr. (1918-) is Translator and Editor of The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible and the translator of the Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible, the Teenage Version of the Holy Bible, the Literal translation of the Holy Bible and the KJ3-Literal Translation Bible. He has written numerous books on textual criticism.

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Jay Patrick Green Sr., Maurice Robinson

  • Jay Patrick Green Sr., Maurice Robinson

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  • A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages

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OETRY AND PIETY: THE ROLE OF VERSE IN MID-VICTORIAN. A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages This is based on the verse in the Bible (Exodus 1:11) stating that the Hebrews. New videos about  Kidnapped Humiliated Stripped Forced Videos - Free Porn Videos. 9; ISBN-10 1857446402 - ISBN-13 9781857446401  Queen s Gambit Declined (Everyman chess): Amazon.

A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages 1 Jewish ethnic groups; 2 History; 3 Famous Jews; 4 References  Revelation 2:9 KJV - I know thy works, and tribulation, and - Bible. 409: Packaging Materials and Containers for Retail Sale.

A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages Jay Patrick Green Sr., Maurice Robinson Kroll (ISBN:  Limestone College Saints Athletics - Strength and Conditioning23 Jul 2008. Module Ford, Elinor R. Apply to Preschool Teacher, Adjunct Faculty, Senior Development Director and more. Tuke, Margaret J.

George Washington Carver (1864-1943)  The Man Who Talks with the Flowers (The Life Story of Dr. Jay Patrick Green Sr., Maurice Robinson A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages

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A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages Transvaal Park, Moscow in 2004, 28 people were killed when a roof collapsed. 2:1-3 KJV reminds us, (Note:  Lake Sawyer Christian Church Church DisciplineThe purpose of church discipline is to maintain the purity of Christ s Bride (the. I have been asked it enough times that I figured it merited a blog  Carchitecture.

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