Staying Out of the Lion's Den: Creating a Life After Abuse & Trauma by Taylah Magdalene

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Staying Out of the Lion's Den: Creating a Life After Abuse & Trauma

Staying Out of the Lion's Den: Creating a Life After Abuse & Trauma Taylah Magdalene

Published October 10th 2017

ISBN : 9781545216088


178 pages

When a woman leaves a life of abuse and trauma she is often filled with fear and doubt. She asks herself: Where do I start? Why do I keep doing this? Why can't I ever feel safe? How do I get stronger? How do I break the cycle for my own children? What if I'm tempted to go back? In spite of trying again and again to change her own life, Taylah Magdalene found nothing ever really worked out. Eventually she realised she was missing a vital step. There was need for a solid foundation to be laid - upon which to build that better life. Most people have this foundation laid down for them by loving parents and a healthy childhood. Survivors of abuse and trauma often have to 'go back' and create that very basic foundation for themselves. Staying Out of the Lion's Den provides step-by-step help for other women wanting to build their own solid foundation.

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Taylah Magdalene

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