Sister Lucy II: Kip and Lucy by Lurma Swinney

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Sister Lucy II: Kip and Lucy

Sister Lucy II: Kip and Lucy Lurma Swinney

Published December 28th 2004

ISBN : 9781413740059


322 pages

Sister Lucy II: (Kip & Lucy) is a novel about the struggles, triumphs, victories, heartaches, obstacles, and faith of the saved and the unsaved. It is centered around the handsome and charming Pastor Kip Mitchell and his lovely wife Lucy as they continue their lives together in love and happiness, with trouble lurking behind every nook and cranny. Sister Lucy II: (Kip & Lucy) starts out with the concluding chapter of Sister Lucy to grip your attention right from where you left off. Kip and Lucy had to face many obstacles in Sister Lucy, but those seem like nothing compared to the forces they encounter in Sister Lucy II: (Kip & Lucy). The devil doesnat have new tricks, just new people. In Sister Lucy II: (Kip & Lucy), Dr. Robin Bonner has set her eyes on Kip, the handsome, devoted Christian husband and father. She sets her traps carefully for Kip as she tries desperately to hide from a tormenting past, while etching a place in the heart of Dr. Julius Hammond. Just as Dr. Robin Bonner feels she is making ground with snaring Kip, a long-time buried truth is revealed that changes all of their lives. Lucyas sister, the beautiful Lisa, has to again battle for her husband with the delectable Blair, who has returned with her husband to defend Kipas mother, Maxine, in a murder case. Then something else pulls Lisaas attention away from the situation on losing her husband, and thatas the possibility of losing her life.

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