The Moon People by Jennifer L. Kelly

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The Moon People

The Moon People Jennifer L. Kelly

Published June 26th 2015

ISBN : 9781514303481


24 pages

The Moon People are afraid. Something lurks in the darkness. Manifred is assigned to find a Human Child because only a Human Child is brave enough to banish what lurks in the darkness. Michael is that child. By the light of the moon, he sails in Manifred’s moonship to help the Moon People. What could be hiding in the shadows of the moon? Will Michael be brave enough to help his new found friends? In this whimsically illustrated book, Michael learns that bravery comes from within the heart and Manifred realizes that often times there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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Jennifer L. Kelly

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The Moon People For translation services, call 1-617-355-7198.

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A traditional, relaxed country pub and restaurant where everyone is welcome. The Moon People

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